As a distributor with our own replacement lamp production for projectors, RPTV and videocubes we have been convincing the global AV market for over 10 years.
Resellers and integrators in the fields of audio visual & conferencing equipment, event & presentation technology can obtain projectorlamps and other AV accessories for many brands and manufacturers from us.
The favourable prices and excellent quality of our own brands, coupled with a personal customer service and uncomplicated warranty processing convince our customers.
Sufficient stocking of popular models enables us to deliver quickly even with express delivery for a secure next day delivery if required.

And these reasons speak for us:

  • More than 10 years of experience in distribution and production of projectorlamps
  • Replacement lamps for more than 25.000 projectors, RPTV and videocubes with available stock-levels for many popular models
  • Pro-Gen and codalux projectorlamp modules with high quality and good value from our own manufacture
  • Original lamps & AV accessories for many brands and models
  • Simple online ordering system for fastest possible order and shipping processing
  • Direct shipment with your delivery note to your customer at no additional cost (dropshipment)
  • Items ordered online until 14.00 p.m. -> same day shipping (stock items)
  • API interface for automated system connection of third-party software
  • Provision of electronic product data via CSV with regular updates
  • Personal customer service with direct warranty processing



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